Attention Homeowners: Are You Tired Of Your Videos Buffering? Devices Dropping Off The Internet? Kids And Family Complaining About How Bad Your Wi-Fi Is?! 


Download Speeds before using our program

(paying for 150 mbs plan)


Download Speeds after using our program

(paying for 150 mbs plan)

what's the deal?

Even though these companies have a wide range of devices and services, they don’t work in today’s times

  • You’re either over sold on what you don’t need or sold the cheap stuff that causes more frustration than anything
  • Most of these store employees don’t know what they’re talking about when it comes to YOUR home

But that’s not the end of the problem… it actually gets worse

If you have people go out to you, they are looking to upsell you on services and products that you most likely don’t need

In fact they make a living getting you to pay for more than you actually need

worst of all

The Solutions They Offer Need Them To Come Back Out again and again – Meaning You Have To Pay MORE! 

These tech companies don’t care if you have a working solution that Lasts – they want you to always have them go back So They make more money off of you.

But luckily for you, there’s a solution! 

Introducing “How To Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal” where you’ll discover:

  • How to fix your Wi-Fi issues
  • How to increase the range of your Wi-Fi
  • Learn how to supercharge your network if you want to have a smart home or connect a lot of devices to internet
  • Understand the Wi-Fi fundamentals so you don’t experience issues later on
  • Know what tools the pros use when working on Wi-Fi networks

But i'm getting ahead of myself

By now you’re asking.. Who am I and how can I make these claims?

  • I’ve got experience building hundreds of network solutions for home owners while working with a fortune 500 company
  • I spent over 10 years working in consumer electronics including home internet
  • I know how the system works and will explain why people do or don’t experience Wi-Fi issues, and how you can supercharge your Wi-Fi yourself 


How To Boost Wi-Fi Signal will solve the most common Wi-Fi challenges you are dealing with!


  • My Videos Keep Buffering When I’m Watching Them Or When Some Else Jumps On The Internet
  • Lag Keeps Showing Up When I Get Online
  • My Wi-Fi Signal Strength Is Weak Around My Home
  • Have To Kick People Off Wi-Fi So I Can Use It
  • I Have Bad Wi-Fi Coverage And Dead Spots Throughout My Home
  • Devices Getting Disconnected From Wi-Fi On Their Own
  • I'm Not Getting The Internet Speeds I Pay For

If this sounds familiar, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Our purpose is to help you get the Wi-Fi you want (without needing to spend thousands of dollars). 

Wi-Fi issues are toxic. Plain and simple.

It wreaks havoc on your daily life. Frustrates us faster than we should. Destroys the home experience we dream of having.

Pretty much everyone can agree that Wi-Fi issues are dream killers and do nothing good for the home. Yet, Wi-Fi controls our lives and many of us deal with bad coverage and a network that makes it seem impossible to fix.

When you use Wi-Fi, you expect it to work without any issues. But it becomes clear that something is wrong and the Wi-Fi we have isn’t cutting it. You think that increasing the speed will fix it - but it doesn’t. You change providers but still the issue continues. This is a cycle that is difficult for most people to fix.

I sat down and put together the steps that I have used with my past clients to solve this issue once and for all. Something amazing that you are going to want to be a part of!

A groundbreaking How To Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal Program to finally rid yourself of bad Wi-Fi!

You've reached out for help everyday... You've shared the problems you're having with bad Wi-Fi in your life - and the #1 thing you've asked is "what do I need?"

"Even though I pay for 150 speed with Cox it goes out a lot and isn't that fast. I'm always calling IT to reset modem" - Marusea

"It’s very very very slow. Everyone fights over it. My husband is a gamer and my daughter is doing home schooling online and my boy plays games and youtubes a lot and I love Facebook." - Angie

"Streaming is Buffering constantly. Surfing internet is spotty. Wifi drops in hallways. Cant get wifi on porch." - Robyn

"I tend to use FaceTime or video chat platforms (WhereBy, Convo VRS, Facebook Video) to communicate with my deaf friends. Video quality is very important in our household. Video quality isn't always crisp or smooth." - Matta

You struggle with slow and spotty Wi-Fi. Your pain is felt! I have been in your shoes. I know the pain and struggle that you are going through.

I'm human like you and didn't know or think how Wi-Fi would be a huge part of the world we live in now. I had slow speeds and issues with Wi-Fi dropping or feeling like it was dial-up with how slow it was. With more of our world relying on Wi-Fi everyday - having a strong, reliable connection is more important than ever

I know from personal experience how understanding your Wi-Fi can transform your life. Let me help you too!  

With this guide you'll enjoy faster Wi-Fi speeds and start to take control once and for all.

You'll feel relieved and you'll get better Wi-Fi in as little as an hour! If you want better Wi-Fi in your life, this guide will help!

Wi-Fi Quick Start Guide ($50 Value)

Know how to avoid the Wi-Fi pitfalls and get the keys to success that you need to create a better home Wi-Fi network.

  • Learn what affects your Wi-Fi strength
  • Crazy facts about Wi-Fi that everyone should know
  • Why you don't want to rely on the provided equipment from your cable company
  • For homes up to 2,000 sq ft

Increase Your Wi-Fi Range Guide ($200 Value)

An easy to follow step by step guide that will help you increase your Wi-Fi range throughout your home.

  • How to avoid dead spots so you can have full coverage 
  • Get stronger Wi-Fi signal beyond the ordinary
  • For homes up to 3,500 sq ft

Wi-Fi Fundamentals Guide ($25 Value)

Build a solid foundation of the fundamentals of Wi-Fi using this easy to follow guide

  •  Understand the components of Wi-Fi 
  •  How different types of modems affect your Wi-Fi 
  • Learn how Wi-Fi works throughout your home

Private Smart Home Group

Surround yourself with others with the same goals

  • Helps keep you accountable
  • Gives you that extra push to ensure your other projects succeed

We LOVE our new Wi-Fi setup! We used to struggle with internet in our home and I had to either tell my kids they couldn't use Wi-Fi while I worked at home or I had to leave to the office to use it - which defeats the purpose of a home office! 

I got the right setup using the guide AND didn't spend thousands of dollars to do it! Best part - my kids love the speeds they get in their rooms (which used to be non-existent before).

Alfred O

Houston, TX

I struggled with bad Wi-Fi for a very long time, I used the cable company's modem, bought my own, did a modem and router option and still had bad Wi-Fi! I couldn't understand why, I live in a 1 bedroom apartment about 950 sq ft, so I'm not far and should get the speed I pay for (I pay for 150 mbs). I was getting 20 to 30 mbs download speeds sitting in the SAME room as my modem!

I stumbled on the site and figured I'd give it a try - now I get -between 160 to 175 mbs download speeds on Wi-Fi anywhere in my place! No more buffering or waiting for things to load! I LOVE IT and it's all thanks to Wi-Fi guide!

Kimberly M

Katy, TX

*Nothing is mailed. The entire package is online and downloadable so you get instant access!

  • Wi-Fi Quick Start Guide
  • Increase Wi-Fi Range Guide
  • Wi-Fi Fundamentals Guide
  • Private Smart Home group

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If over the next 30 days after using our guide your Wi-Fi doesn't improve. Just let us know and we'll refund you the cost of your guide.


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