Revealed... the NEW Way to Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal

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I struggled with bad Wi-Fi for a very long time...

I used the cable company's modem, bought my own, did a modem and router option and still had bad Wi-Fi! I couldn't understand why, I live in a 1 bedroom apartment about 950 sq ft, so I'm not far and should get the speed I pay for (I pay for 150 mbs). I was getting 20 to 30 mbs download speeds sitting in the SAME room as my modem!

I stumbled on the site and figured I'd give it a try - now I get -between 160 to 175 mbs download speeds on Wi-Fi anywhere in my place! No more buffering or waiting for things to load! I LOVE IT and it's all thanks to Wi-Fi guide!

Kimberly M  //  Katy, TX

We LOVE our new Wi-Fi experience!

We used to struggle with internet in our home and I had to either tell my kids they couldn't use Wi-Fi while I worked at home or I had to leave to the office to use it - which defeats the purpose of a home office! 

I got the right setup using the guide AND didn't spend thousands of dollars to do it! Best part - my kids love the speeds they get in their rooms (which used to be non-existent before).

Alfred O  //  Houston, TX

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