If you’re the kind of person who wants to break free from issues with your wi-fi and finally get great wi-fi… this guide will set you free!
(even if you feel like there's no hope)

Do you want to have better Wi-Fi?

Hi, I'm Omar. In the next few moments I'll be going over how you can get better Wi-Fi in less time and with less effort than what the pros will take and charge. 

Like you, I used to struggle with bad Wi-Fi. I would be in the same room as my modem and only get 20 mbs even though I was paying for 150 plan. 

It was frustrating!

I couldn't stream and be on other devices without my video buffering or taking forever to load the sites I was visiting.

I finally said enough is enough.

I upgraded my network using the information I had gained over the years and want to share the information the pros don't want you to have.

With this information, I went from seeing 20 mbs consistently to getting MORE than I paid for! Now I can have the devices I want without issue.

Do you Struggle with slow or spotty Wi-Fi?

We feel your pain.

You’ve searched the shelves at your local electronics stores. You’ve read blogs, forums and watched youtube videos for hours trying to find something that will answer the one question that has haunted you for years: 

“Why can’t I easily fix my Wi-Fi issues?”

You’ve done everything you can… but there’s something holding you back.

Stop Buffering Videos

Are you tired of dealing with bad Wi-Fi coverage in your home? Not getting the speeds you're paying for? Your internet provider sold you those Wi-Fi extenders but they aren't working out for you? 

Improve Weak Wi-Fi Signal

Are you tired of devices getting disconnected from your Wi-Fi network or do you find yourself having to kick off your family from the internet so you can use the Wi-Fi?

No More Games Lagging

Are you tired of having to pay hundreds of dollars to get techs out only for them to do a mediocre job and have the issue continue? Almost like throwing your money away...

What Is it?

For years, people like you have asked this same question. Fortunately for some, they were able to get the answer to this, and many other questions, by having expensive consultations and equipment to help them. Thankfully that has changed and become more accessible with new technology. What are they?

Managed and Unmanaged Networks.

Now if this barrage of techno-jargon has left you more confused than empowered, take a deep breath and relax. We’re about to take aim at this confusion, blow away the smoke and make things as simple as possible.

But first, we must clear away some smoke.

Getting the resources for you to have the Wi-Fi you deserve doesn't need to be a labor - the tech guys love to use language above our heads to make them look smarter and the job harder than what it actually is!

Boosting your Wi-Fi signal throughout your home and getting rid of dead spots doesn't have to be difficult or alien!

Learning what the pros know about having great working Wi-Fi in your own home can be as easy as following a 1-2-3 recipe!

We LOVE our new Wi-Fi set up! We used to struggle with internet in the house and I used to have to either tell my kids they couldn't use the Wi-Fi while I worked at home or I had to leave to the office to use it - which defeats the purpose of a home office! I was able to get the right setup using the guide AND didn't have to spend thousands of dollars to do it! Best part is that the kids love the speeds they get in their rooms (which used to be non-existent before)

Alfred 0

Houston, TX

I struggled with bad Wi-Fi for a very long time, I used the cable company's modem, bought my own, did a modem and router option and still had bad Wi-Fi! I couldn't understand why, I live in a 1 bedroom apartment about 950 sq ft, so I'm not far and should get the speed I pay for (I pay for 150 mbs). I was getting 20 to 30 mbs download speeds sitting in the SAME room as my modem!

Kimberly M

Katy, TX

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